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Creating Your First Report

Creating a report is easy.  In this example we'll create a report based off of data in a spreadsheet.  Begin by opening the example by clicking here.

# Step Picture
1 Click the MyFirstReport Worksheet  

Create a new report.

Click New/Edit Report on the ReportsDNA toolbar.


Select Excel as the source of data.

Click Excel in the Source list to open the settings for Excel.
4 Choose this file as the source of data.

Click the button labeled This File.  It populates the text box with
5 Choose the worksheet that contains the data.

Click the button labeled Worksheet.
6 Click Data from the list of worksheets and then click the Submit button.
 7  Hit the Save (formerly labeled OK) button to close the configuration form.
Generate the report.

Click Generate Report

You have just created your first report!

My First Report
ID First Name Last Name Order
1 Jane Doe Milk
2 John Doe Eggs
3 Eleni Smith Milk
1 Jane Doe Butter

The report can be customized further by selecting different Options and Formats.

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