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Number Format

Feature Location: Format tab

Availability: Version 1.1+

The Number Format button opens a dialog for setting field options.

Use this setting to specify the Number Format for each field in the report.  The setting specified is equivalent to Excel's Format Cells setting, which is found in Excel's menu under Format | Cells on the Number tab.

Use the feature when to force a field to display in a specific format (e.g., date, currency, scientific notation).

The format for a field can be set using a predefined format (Figure 1, item #1) or by specifying a custom format (Figure 1, item #6).

Steps for using a predefined format:

  1. Click the row of the field you want to format
  2. Select the predefined format from the dropdown list (item #1). Note: if the predefined format is already selected then you will have to hit the enter key in the dropdown box to set the format.
The Preview field for that row provides a preview of the field's format.

Steps for specifying a custom format:

  1. Click the cell in the Number Format column (item #4) in the row of the of the field you want to format
  2. Enter the custom format
  3. Click the Refresh Preview button to preview the custom format.

Figure 1: Number Format

 # ItemDescription
 Predefined Formats
Dropdown containing predefined field formats.
 2 Refresh Preview
Updates the Preview column with a preview of each field's format setting.
 3 FieldAvailable fields in the report.
 4 Number Format
The format (predefined or custom) to apply to the field.
 5 PreviewPreview of the field's format.
 Custom Format
Example custom format setting for the field.

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