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ReportsDNA is an Excel AddIn. Installing ReportsDNA is a 2-step process

  1. Run the Downloaded Installation File
  2. End User License and Activation

Run the Downloaded Installation File

Step Action
Close Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook.
Download ReportsDNA from here.

Double-click the ReportsDNA.exe and follow the Setup Wizard instructions.  Click the Next button.

To install ReportsDNA you must agree to the License Agreement by clicking the I Agree button.

Check the features that you want to install and then click the Next button.  Move your mouse over each component to see a description of the component.

The default Destination Folder is presented.  You may leave it as is or change the path.
Click the Install button.

Click the Finish button to complete the installation.

ReportsDNA has now been installed.

Upgrading ReportsDNA

If you already had ReportsDNA installed and you extracted the new version to the same location as the old version then you many skip to the End User License Agreement.   Proceed with the following steps if this is the first time you are installing ReportsDNA or you extracted the new version to a location that is different then your current version.

End User License and Activation

The following steps are the same for all versions of Excel.
Step Action
1 To continue the installation you must agree to the End User License Agreement.

Click the appropriate option and hit the Continue button.

Note: The default option is I DO NOT agree. You must change the option to continue the installation.

2 This step is NOT required if you have already activated a purchased version of ReportsDNA.

Registration / Activation.  If you have a license, follow the Purchased steps.  If you do not have a license you may start or continue your trial evaluation or abort the the installation.

Click the purchased checkbox (1), enter the Key (2) and click Continue (6).

To begin a trial period click the trial checkbox (4) and click Continue (6)

Abort Installation
Click the Cancel button (5)

ReportsDNA will appear at the far right of Excel’s menu bar in versions prior to Excel 2007.  In Excel 2007 it will be visible after you click the Addins menu item.
The ReportZilla Toolbar will also be visible.

Versions prior to Excel 2007

Excel 2007

ReportsDNA Toolbar

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