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Fonts and Shading


Font and cell formats may be set through settings on the Format tab. They allow you to specify formatting options for group headings, column headings, data and alternate row shading. 
Format options for groups headings, column headings and data include the following: (1) font, (2) font size, (3) font style (bold) and (4) cell shading.
Format options for alternate row shading only include the color for (4) cell shading and is only applied when Alternate Row Shading is active.

ReportsDNA Versions Before 1.2.2

Fonts and Shading settings are displayed directly in the Report editing form. 

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Specify formatting options by following these steps:

 Versions Before 1.2.2 Version 1.2.2+ 
   Click the Reset to Defaults button to restore ReportsDNA default format settings.
 Restore Defaults






All rows that are selected are formatted when clicking on formatting options in the Command and Options dialog.
Italics and Underline font styles are not currenlty supported.

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