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Field Formats

Settings for each field can be specified by clicking on the Field Formats button found on the Format tab (see below).  It will display the form shown in Figure 2.

Figure 1: Field Formats Button

Figure 2: Field Formats Form

The Field Formats Form is a worksheet that is used to set report options. It contains a list of all fields available in the report (see column D, rows 7-16) and the settings associated with the fields.  Fields (e.g. Field and Format Preview) that re grayed out may not be edited.  Click one of the form action buttons (see item #1) to save the settings and close the form.  The settings for each field can be set individually by choosing the appropriate option (see C8 to M16)  or a setting for all fields can be set all at once by choosing an option in the Set All Row (see item #4).  The sections of the form are described below in Table 1.  Each of the settings are described in detail here.

Table 1: Sections of the Field Formats Form

# Feature
1 Toolbar Form action buttions.
Save - Save the current settings.
Save and Close - Save the current settings and close the form.
Close without Saving - Close the form, but do not save the settings.
Toggle Displayed Fields - Toggles which fields are displayed based on the Display setting.  Each click will cycle through the following options:
  • Yes - show fields that will be displayed on the report
  • No - show fields that will NOT be displayed on the report
  • All - will show all fields returned by the data source.
2 Field Options     
Settings that are applied against the report's fields.
3 Data Options     
Settings that are applied against the report's data.
4 Set All
Sets the value for ALL fields to one value.
5 Order fields
Up/Down arrows used to order the fields in the report.
Grayed-Out fields     
When the Display setting is set to No, all of the field's settings are grayed out since the field will not be displayed in the report. 

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