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General FAQ

How do I determine what version of ReportsDNA is installed?

Click the New/Edit Report button
The version number is in the ReportsDNA dialog title bar.

How do I generate or rerun my report(s)?

Click the Refresh Worksheet button in the ReportsDNA toolbar to update the active worksheet. Click the Refresh Workbook button in the ReportsDNA toolbar to update all reports in the spreadsheet.

Can I save my report settings as a template?

Yes. Edit a report with the settings you wish to save and then click the Save Settings button.

What information on a worksheet will be cleared when a report is executed?

ReportsDNA starts at the cell indicated in the Report Destination. It clears that cell, all cells to its right and all cells from that point down.

Is Search and Replace executed before Conditional Formatting is applied? In what sequence are the report features executed?

See Report Sequence

Why can't I see my report in the body of my email?

Add the Report Content , &[Report], variable to the Body field to show the report.

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