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Installing Extensions

Step Excel 2002/2003 Excel 2007
1 Open Microsoft Excel Open Microsoft Excel
2 Open a blank workbook if one is not already open
File | New | Blank workbook
Open a blank workbook if one is not already open
Office Button | New | Blank Workbook
3 In the menu, click Tools | Addin Office Button | Excel Options | Addins | Manage Excel Addins Go Button
4 Click the Browse button and navigate to the location where you saved the Add-In (Extension).

Click on the file and hit the OK button

Note: A message may appear asking if Excel should copy the addin to the Addins folder. Click the Yes button.
same as Excel 2002
The Add-in will now appear in the Add-Ins dialog window. It should have a check mark next to it.

Click the checkbox if it does not have a check mark.
Same as Excel 2002
6 Click the Ok button in the Add-In dialog box to complete the installation and close the window.     Same as Excel 2002
7 The extension will now appear in the Sources listbox, which can be viewed by clicking the New/Edit button in the ReportsDNA toolbar. Same as Excel 2002

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