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Column Headings

This box is currently enabled at all times. The column headings for a dataset will be displayed when this setting is enabled


When enabled, the Summary option sets each record's row height to a single line when the report is first generated.  Each row will only be one line high even if columns have Wrap Text enabled.  This feature is useful for viewing more records (e.g., to find a record). The report's detail can be viewed by clicking the Detail button on the toolbar. 

Note: This report-level setting has an equivalent Workbook Setting, which can override it.

EXAMPLE: A comparison of a report generated with the Summary setting disabled and with enabled


Summary unchecked  Summary checked 

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Workbook Settings
Summary toolbar button
Detail toolbar button

Set Sheet Name to Query

Activate this feature and ReportsDNA will rename the worksheet with the name of the query formatted to meet worksheet naming standards. The query name is defined as that portion of the query that does not include the query path. In the example below, the worksheet tab will be set to Active Bugs. The query name will be truncated to 32 characters – the maximum number of characters permissible for a worksheet name.

Query: Personal Queries/Bugs/Active Bugs

ReportsDNA will append an underscore and a number (starting with 1 and incrementing to 9) if another worksheet already exists with the query name. If a worksheet already exists named Active Bugs then ReportsDNA would try Active Bugs_1, Active Bugs_2 and so on until it the worksheet was named successfully. It stops attempting to rename the worksheet after the ninth iteration.

Number Records

This feature numbers all records sequentially starting with the number one. This can assist a reader in locating a specific record.

Change Tab Color

When checked, Change Tab Color will change the worksheets tab color to green (see screenshot belo) when there is at least one record in the data set.  This feature is particularly useful when a workbook contains multiple reports that are run using Generate All Reports. It visually indicates which reports contain data. 

Autofit All Columns

This feature will resize the width of all columns in the report.  With this feature checked there is no need to set the Resize columns setting for every column.

Note:  This feature has no effect on columns where Wrap is set.

Freeze Panes

Executes Excel's Freeze Panes feature after the report is generated.  The location of the Freeze Pane can be set by clicking the underscore button.

Auto Filter

Filter Dropdowns
Filter Dropdowns turns on Excel’s Filter feature after the report is generated.

Apply Saved Filter
When checked, this feature will turn on Excel's Filter feature and apply the filter that was previously saved.

Save Filter
Click this button to save the filters that are currently applied to your data when in Filter Mode (see Filter Dropdowns) . 
The filters can then be applied automatically after generating a report be checking the Apply Saved Filter checkbox (see above).


Use this feature to add a hyperlink to one of the the fields in each record.  This feature requires two settings
Hyperlink Column specifies the column where the hyperlink will be placed
Hyperlink specifies the hyperlink associated with the field and takes the following Variables:

Variable Type Variable Placeholder Description
field value &F[Field Name] Placeholder for the value located in the record's field named Field Name
Replace Field Name with the name of the field whose value is to be used.

Double-clicking the field name in the Variable Pane (see below) will enter the correct Variable Placeholder at the
end of the Hyperlink setting.

Variable Pane for Hyperlink setting populated with fields

EXAMPLE: A report that links to a website based on the stock ticker in each record of a report.


Setting   Value
Hyperlink Column Ticker symbol
Hyperlink http://moneycentral.msn.com/money.search?q=&F[Ticker symbol]


# Ticker symbol Company   Sector
1 MMM 3M Company Industrials
2 ABT Abbott Labs Health Care
3 ANF Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Consumer Discretionary
4 ADBE Adobe Systems Information Technology
5 AMD Advanced Micro Devices Information Technology

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