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ReportsDNA extends the capabilities of Excel to allow anyone to create customized reports without programming. It is designed for users, not developers so it is easy to use.  It comes with built-in ability to generate reports from any data source Excel can import: databases, web pages, xml, files, ....  Furthermore, it can be extended  to accept additional sources like ClearQuest or PC/M Plus Remedy.  Just install the extension and the data source is fully integrated into ReportsDNA.

Most importantly, reports are generated in Excel, an application familiar to most people . This allows you to distribute the report by email and allows end users to view the report using Microsoft’s free Excel viewer.


ReportsDNA is an Excel AddIn. It can be installed in minutes by an individual or deployed throughout the Enterprise as part of Excel.
The configuration for each report is stored in each Excel worksheet. There are no additional configuration files. The report can be run on any computer that has ReportsDNA installed.



Data Retrieval

Report Layout

Formatting Options

Post-Report Creation

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