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These options are used to return a subset of the records (the data set) returned by the source.  These features share one thing in common: they all alter the data returned by the source.


A data source may return the same record multiple times depending on the query definition. 
Use this feature to set how duplicates will be handeled:

See Duplicates for detailed information on each setting.

Advanced Filter

Advanced Filter applies Excel's Advanced Filter feature to the data set each time the report is generated.  It does NOT filter the data set in place.  Records that do not meet the filter criteria will not be in the report.  It functions identically to Excel's Advanced Filter feature with the copy to another location option (the report is the other location).


Specifies the worksheet that contains the Advanced Filter definition.  The filter must be in the same workbook as the report.  Click the worksheet button to select the worksheet or type the name of the worksheet directly in the text field.

Criteria Range

Specify the reference (cell range) for the criteria range in the Criteria Range field.  The range must include the criteria labels.  This field is identical to Excel's Criteria range setting in Excel's Advanced Filter dialog.


The View button makes the Advanced Filter worksheet the active worksheet so it may be edited.

See Advanced Filter Criteria for examples of criteria and their results.

Search and Replace

Search and Replace automates Excel's Find and Replace.  

See Search and Replace for detailed information on this feature.

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