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Report Sequence

ReportsDNA generates a report in the order listed below. The order is important since format changes in one step may affect the change in a following step. For example, Search and Replace can change actual content, which may change how a column is resized.  Features whose operation changes based on the sequence are highlighed in the same color.

  1. Report Header
  2. Pre-run macro
  3. Retrieve data from source (aka dataset)
  4. Search And Replace
  5. Advanced Filter
  6. Column Order
  7. Replace Parameters in dataset and Center Header
  8. Delete Columns
  9. Process Duplicates
  10. Sort
  11. Number Records
  12. Update Pivot Table
  13. Report Layout - Apply Template
  14. Hyperlink
  15. Header Center
  16. Date/Time (report run)
  17. Change Tab Color (if dataset contains records)
  18. Set Sheet Name to Query
  19. Group By
  20. Auto Filter
  21. Alternate Row Shading
  22. Wrap Text
  23. Conditional Formatting
  24. Bold
  25. Maximum Row Height
  26. Post-run macro (this is not in the right place)
  27. Smart Print
  28. Print
  29. Save report
  30. SaveAs report
  31. Email report

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