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ReportsDNA provides the following functionality for automatically saving a report after its generated.

1- Save

Check the Save checkbox to save the report after the report is generated.  ReportsDNA will save the the workbook at its current location and with its current name.

2- Save Copy

This feature will create a copy of the workbook in the location specified in the Filename setting after the report is generated. 

3- Workbook or Worksheet

Availability: 1.1+

Determines if the the copy saved will contain the entire workbook or only the report's worksheet.

4 - Filename

This setting specifies the full path and filename of the copy generated when Save Copy is active.  This field takes variables which can be used to generate dynamic filenames.  The figure below shows an example of how to save a copy of the report to a SharePoint site with a date timestamp in the filename. Note the use of variables(&[FileBasename], &[mm]-&[dd]&[yy], &[Hh]-&[Nn] and &[Extension])to create a dynamic filename, which is displayed in the Preview Pane.

ATTENTION: Unexpected results may occur when Generate All Reports is used in conjunction with Save Copy when there are multiple reports in a workbook.  ReportsDNA will make a new copy for each report that has Save Copy enabled.  This will affect Variable values since the filename of the copy will be different from the original report.

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