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Feature Location: Options tab | Group and Sort (see Figure 1)
Availability: Version 1.0+, sort using custom list: Version 1.5+
Sequence: Executes after Search and Replace

This feature will sort data by up to 3 columns.  Sorting can be performed using Excel's Normal sort order (e.g., alphabetically or numerically) or by specifying custom sort orders.  A custom sort order may be specified for each sort column. Use the Column Selector button to specify sort settings. Alternately you can specify the sort order by following each column name with ASC or DESC to sort ascending or descending respectively. Ascending is the default order if the order is not explicitly defined.

Figure 1: Location of Sort Setting

The sort dialog is shown in figure 2.  The description of each sort setting is detailed in the table below.

Setting Description


The column(s) used for sorting the data set.


The sort order used to sort the specified column.

Choose Normal to specify Excel's default sort order (e.g. alphabetic or numeric)

A custom sort order may be speficied by entering the list of items in the field. In Figure 2, the State field will be sorted using the custom sort order: submitted, opened, resolved

3 Direction

The direction Direction to sort

4 Ok button

Saves the sort settings and closes the sort dialog.

5 Cancel button

Cancels all changes made and closes the sort dialog.

Figure 2: Sort Dialog Settings
This example will sort the data set first by the State field using the custom order of submitted, opened, resolved  in ascending order.  It will then sort by the Severity field in ascending order using Excel's default sort order.

EXAMPLE : Sort Examples - the examples listed below can be found in the download example link.

Download example

Example Setting Output

Sort by
field alphabetically ascending.

Sort by
   State using custom sort order submitted, opened, resolved  ascending then by

   Severity alphabetically ascending.

3 Sort by
   State using custom sort order submitted, opened, resolved  ascending then by

   Severity using custom sort order Minor, Average, Major, Critical, Enhancement ascending.

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