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Tools may be accessed by clicking the Tools button in the ReportsDNA toolbar.
It opens the Tools dialog which has commonly used formulas, number formats, duplicate tools, filter tools and more.

Section Description
1 Number of Tools
number of tools available that match the Find criteria
2 Tools
list of all available tools
3 Collapse/Expand buttons
buttons to collapse or expand all tool groups
4 Selected Tool Name
name of the currently selected tool
5 Selected Tool Description
description of the currently selected tool
6 Go button
executes the currently selected tool
7 Request Tool button
click to request a new tool or provide feedback on an existing tool
8 Find search box
search box for finding a tool
enter a search term and click the Go button or hit Enter to list tools that match the search term

For example: to find filter tools enter filter in the Find text field and hit the Go button (see below).

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